Royals Offseason Potpourri I

I have a few thoughts on what has transpired during the Royals’ offseason, but none of them would fill up it’s own article. Here are some random thoughts.

Alex Gordon Wins a Gold Glove
I stated last week that I’m not a big awards person. No one is going to run around in an Alex Gordon Gold Glove shirt. But I understand their value and that individual awards are something players deserve. Congrats to Alex Gordon on his first Gold Glove. How Jeff Francoeur didn’t win one blows my mind. If you want to know the correlation between Gold Gloves and wins for a baseball team you will have to look that up on your own. Before you do, take note that the last Royal to win a Gold Glove was Mark Grudzielanek in 2006.

Everyone needs a Sluggerrr PillowPet

Pitching Coach Dave Eiland (pronounced i-land)
I read biographies on Dave Eiland from serveral sources . Nothing earth shattering jumped out at me. Most recently he was the Pitching Coach for the New York Yankees from 2008 – 2010. The names of the pitchers he is attributed to working with aren’t anything to get excited about. However, he does have experience within a winning organization. If he can figure out a way to decrease walks by the Royals pitching staff, and correct Luke Hochaver’s basketcase innings he will have done is job and the Royals will be a better team. You know?

Melky Cabrera
This article appeared last week about Melky Cabrera’s future with the Royals. Because the Royals signed him as a free agent I thought he had hit free agency, but that is not the case. The Royals do control him through the 2012 season. They will have to pony up more than $1.25 Million, but they have control. Given this past season Melky’s numbers were much higher than his career numbers I like the way the Royals are approaching this situation. That still doesn’t mean he’ll be around for Spring Training. Lorrenzo Cain is waiting in the wings and the Royals still need some starting pitching. Cabrera would be a good trade piece. However, I seem to remember writing this same sentence in July.

Bruce Chen
Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star tweeted this week that Bruce Chen has two other suitors besides the Royals. It has been reported in other publication that Chen is looking for a multi-year deal. As thin as Royals pitching has been I think the Royals have to do what it takes to bring him back. If the last year of his contract doesn’t work out you have to chuck that up as the cost of doing business.

Pitching Search
No doubt the Royals need to add starting pitching in the offseason. So, far I haven’t seen anything to get excited about. But it’s still early. Like last offseason, you knew a trade was coming for Zack Greinke. This time it’s look for a trade that brings an Ace too Kansas City. I like this way better.

Hey Look! Baseball
You may not know this. But there is baseball on television tonight. MLB Network will be televising the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game tonight at 7pm CDT (barely). I’ll have a hard time watching it over Kansas State at Oklahoma State or LSU at Alabama. But it’s worth a DVR look. Royals prospects and players Wil Myers, Nate Adock (after a full season in the majors he’s not a prospect) Christian Colon, and Jeremy Jeffress are on the rosters. Maybe in a few year there can be four Royals in the Major League All-Star Game.

Cover photo courtesy of Minda Haas.

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