Seedlings To The Stars: Cuthbert and Herrera

Old friend of I-70, Wally Fish (of Kings Of Kauffman fame), has a site known as Seedlings To The Stars. They are currently in the process of counting down their top 100 prospects and we thought our readers might like to drop by there for some insight. Below are I-70 players that are currently profiled. Drop by the site and read up on the future of your favorite franchise.

Kelvin Herrera - Photo Courtesy Of Minda Haas

Top 100 Prospects, #68: Cheslor Cuthbert, Royals
Nathan Stoltz of Seedlings To The Stars says:

At the tender age of 18, Cuthbert held his own in full-season ball, displaying a good approach at the plate and a bit of pop. He was hitting .328/.381/.500 through the end of July, dominating the level, until a late-season slump slowed him, so he looks even better than the numbers suggest.

A Nicaragua native, Cuthbert is a projectable hitter who should grow into well-above-average power as he matures, and many have projected him to be an annual 25-HR hitter if not better. His selective approach at the plate should allow him to see lots of good pitches to hit.

Defensively, he’s not as raw as most third basemen his age, and projects to hold the position down. There’s some question as to what sort of athleticism he’ll have once he fills out, but such a loss of athleticism would probably render him a merely playable third baseman rather than a player who must move across the diamond.

Read Cuthbert’s full profile by clicking here.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Kelvin Herrera, Royals
Nathan Stoltz of Seedlings To The Stars says:

Many popular opinions of pitching prospects are formed from general scouting reports. While these reports are invaluable resources, they can’t always be trusted. Hundreds of minor league hurlers are credited with “mid-90′s velocity,” but very few MLB starters actually have that grade of heat, for example. It’s incredibly frustrating to hear about a pitcher with “a mid-90′s heater and plus curve,” only to have him come up to the big leagues and show a fastball that averages 90.5 mph and a slider.

When a pitcher come up to the majors, we can finally get a foolproof reading on what exactly his arsenal is comprised of, thanks to the great Pitch F/X system. In this series, I analyze just that–the “stuff” of recently-promoted MLB pitchers. Now that they’ve achieved their big league dreams and thus factor directly into the MLB picture, it’s high time that we know exactly what these guys are providing.

This time, I’m taking a look at Royals reliever Kelvin Herrera.

Touted by several different outlets as “the best relief prospect in baseball” following the 2011 season, Kelvin Herrera opened the season as an afterthought in A-ball before blowing through three levels with a 70/15 K/BB ratio in 67 2/3 innings with a 1.60 ERA. He turns just 22 on New Year’s Eve, so he’s quite young, and he’s just about ready for the majors after absolutely dominating Double-A hitters and holding his own in the Pacific Coast League.

Herrera certainly doesn’t look the part of an intimidating closer, as he’s generously listed at 5’10″, but that impression goes out the window the second you see his fastball. In his very brief (two-inning) MLB exposure this September, Herrera fired the pitch at 94-98 mph, averaging a shade over 96.


Check out Stoltz’ full profile on Herrera by clicking here.

If prospects are what you are looking for and you want the most in-depth analysis available, all of us here at I-70 would suggest you drop by Seedlings To The Stars often. I know it is sitting at the top of my bookmarks currently.

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