What If The Royals Made the Playoffs?

I watched the last evening of the regular season with a few friends. We flipped around to the various games that were going on, with one eye on the Royals game. We started discussing what emotional wrecks the fan bases of those teams involved in the playoff race must be in. We then dared to ask the question: What if the Royals were in the playoffs?

My Royals fandom might reach Fever Pitch levels if the Royals made the playoffs

Last January the Chiefs had a playoff game. I was a little on edge that Sunday leading up to the game. I tried to keep it out of my mind. Tried to focus on what I needed to focus on. However, midway through the first quarter I could tell my wife was slightly annoyed with me. It’s at that point I realized if the Royals ever made the playoffs I would be damn near impossible to live with. You see I call myself a Chiefs fan. I like it when they win. Follow what’s going on with the team. But If I were to rank my favorite teams The Kansas City Royals would be number one. The Chiefs would be number three. I won’t mention number two, but let’s say it would split the Royals/Chiefs fan base into three camps, and I would offend two thirds of them. The point is. If I were that much of a basket-case for my number three team. What would I be like for my favorite team?

The fact that the Royals are my favorite team, and MLB has a post season series, would mean there would be plenty of opportunity to become an emotional wreck. In the early rounds of the post season there are a lot of day games. I wrote on my own blog about dealing with weekday day games in sports that mattered. If the Royals made the playoffs there would be no glancing listen-ins on my radio. No, I would have to take the afternoon off. If the Royals made the playoffs I would probably do a lot of things I don’t normally do. I’m sure my work productivity would suffer. I’m sure I would make snide comments to media members who belittle the Royals. I would probably start a playoff beard like hockey players.

If the Royals made the playoffs I’m afraid I’d end up like Jimmy Fallon’s character in that movie Fever Pitch. There a lot of things that could go wrong if the Royals made the playoffs. But man, wouldn’t it be awesome if they did?

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