The Doubleheader

The MLB playoffs are in full swing. As much as I thought the last day of the regular season was epic baseball watching. Having three series deciding games in a 24 hour period has the potential to be just as special. (I say potential because this article will be loaded before the conclusion of them.) This really doesn’t relate to the Royals. There’s not much to talk about. Major news will be hard to come by between now and the end of the Post Season.

I’m not old enough to remember the Royals run to a Word Series Title in 1985. And even if I were I’m not going to re-hash what happened. This Royals fan is tired of hearing about it, and tired of the organization milking that Championship dry. The organization is developing some young marketable stars. But I’ve already discussed that. The Royals need some new post season dramatics so the younger fans have something to talk about. To help do this I used the new “Time Travel App” on my phone to text myself three years into the future to see what is going on around the Truman Sports Complex in October 2014:

I’m grilling burgers here in lot M of the Truman Sports Complex. I can barely talk from yelling so much during the Chiefs 24-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier today. I’m sure Steeler fan is a little annoyed that their former head coach Bill Cowher hung a loss on them. But they have a Super Bowl since his tenure, they’ll get over it.

Chiefs game & a Royals playoff game on the same day at TSC? That wouldn't suck

Chiefs are 5-0 for the first time since 2003. That was a fun year for Kansas City sports fans. However, this past summer has blown the doors off that summer. For one. the Royals actually increased their 7 game lead at the All-Star break and won the division in mid-September. The end of the season was pretty anti-climatic. It’s a good thing too. The ALDS against the Yankees took everything the Royals had. James Shields was brilliant in the deciding Game 5, needing only an Eric Hosmer solo home run to win the game 1-0. That game more than made up for the calm finish to the regular season.

Game 1 of the ALCS starts in a few hours over at Kauffman Stadium against the Texas Rangers. I hope my voice recovers by then. Beer should help that out, right? Because Shields pitched on Thursday our number two guy Jake Odorizzi is pitching tonight. I remember when we got him in the Greinke trade. Greinke had that World Series runner-up run with the Brewers back in 11. But since then the Brewers have been just as bad as the Royals were when Greinke was here. Anyway, Odorizzi has been excellent this season posting a 3.45 ERA and winning 19 games. The only reason he’s not a Cy Young candidate is James Shields has been better going 21-6 with a 2.91 ERA. But even Shields will have to wait and see if the Rays ace Matt Moore beats him out.

I remember when the Royals traded for James Shields. Trading Mike Moustakas and some of the hitters in the minors to the Rays was a risky move, but it’s paid off for both teams. Up until that trade Dayton Moore didn’t have a great track record in trading at the major league level. At the time I really didn’t like the odds of Moore winning a trade with Andrew Freidman. That was the “succeed, or be fired trade” for Dayton Moore. Since then he hasn’t missed.

Anyway, I better put this thing down and get these burgers off the grill. Can’t be burning food especially between an NFL game the ALCS in the same sports complex. I’ve heard about this happening in other cities. But this is the first time I can remember it happening here. I should probably change jerseys too. See you in three years. It’s worth the wait. Hopefully I’ll be back here in January for an AFC Title Game

Hey, It could happen.

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