Lets Go, Lets Do This

There are five games left in the regular season. This means it’s a good time to look back at the season and decide if it was a success, middle of the road, or a failure. In the sports world success can a relative term. I would hope in the Royals front office that anything short of a World Series Title would be considered a failure. But as a fan I have a lot less pressure. If I measured the Royals success or failure by World Series titles I wouldn’t even watch baseball. I guess you could call me an “in it for the ride” type guy. As a fan I have the freedom to set my own expectations for the team at the beginning of the season.

Kauffman Stadium is shut down for the season.

In late February Bill Ivie sent me a direct message on Twitter asking if I had thought about writing about the Royals. I’d never thought about it, and I didn’t have any experience. I responded by relaying that information but added that I’d write something up and give it a try. On March 8th my first article appeared. This being the 28th article I think about blogging all the time, and I have six months of experience.

My first article starts out like this:

Royals Fans have been searching for something, anything that might point to a resurgence of an organization that was not even good enough to cheat during The Steroid Era

In summary that was my expectation for the 2011 season. I didn’t expect a division winner. I didn’t even expect a .500 record. I wanted the much talked about prospects in minors called-up, and I want to see those prospects produce at the major league level.

The prospects are up and meeting or exceeding expectations. When they were struggling we saw them work their way through their troubles. They have improved. Not only have the prospects done well, so have the veterans. At the beginning of the season my friends and I mockingly called Alex Gordon: Dominator. Now we call him the Dominator and we actually mean it. Jeff Francoeur has put on a defensive display in right field, and Melky Cabrera has had a career year at the plate.

Is there a lot of work to do? Sure, the team is still 20 games below .500. (I’ll discuss 2012 expectations later) But as a fan my 2011 expectations have been met. There are several postives Royals fans can get excited about. Since this current line-up has been together this team has played around .500. Mix in some decent starting pitching and Royals fans can really get excited.

When I played football in high school my team was winning a game we had no business winning going into halftime. The adrenaline from being up on this team was so strong we were upset that there had to be a halftime. We had momentum. I kind of feel like that as a Royals fan right now; we don’t need no freakin’ off-season. Let’s go, let’s do this. We ended up winning that game. Maybe the Royals will win something next year.

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