Examining The Puma: Your Thoughts

The signing of Lance Berkman to a one year, $12 million extension has the internets (and most noticeably Twitter) a buzz. Where else should one go to gauge the opinion of the fanbase?

In a effort to get a feeling for just how the fans viewed the deal we asked for some Tweets to be sent our way

Tweet me folks, what do you think of the return of Berkman to the #stlcards? One year/12mil...hit me with your thoughts.
i70 baseball

The responses (and tweets that we found) were varied, from monetary concerns to excitement. Some even found it to be a funny contract completely. Below are the responses from you, our fans.

@ maybe a little too much $, but it's good to see berk back. worked out for everyone this yr, can next yr too.
Joel Dotson
@ initial reaction is totally against since it preceded the Pujols extension. #oneortheother #notboth
Bob Netherton
@ I think getting as much business as possible done before trying to lock up Albert is a smart move by Mo. Molina Furcal next?
@ Not sold on it. $12 million is a lot that could fix other problems. Berkman has 7 HR, 28 RBI despite hitting .314 post-ASG
Jon Doble
@ like the Berk deal, but agree with @. Good insurance if Pujols leaves, need Craig in lineup, MI & pitching
@ HAHAHAHA 12 mil for one good year of an old man! This will turn out well....
@ Think it's a good deal. His "raise" is basically offset by Carpenter's "reduction" next year.
Chuck Bensinger
@ YES!! I'd want a little longer, but nevertheless it's awesome. :) #BigBerk
Patrick Hennessy
Thrilled about Lance Berkman's contract extension. Makes sense on all levels. #stlcards
Greg Scott
@ I hope that everybody realizes that Berk's return all but guarantees TLR will be back, right ? #scrappyreduxredux
Bob Netherton
With how outrageous money is with athletes these days 12 million for Lance Berkman is a pretty good deal. #stlcards
Michael Fisher

Stay tuned to our ongoing series of articles today “Examining The Puma” as we take a look at Berkman’s year in Cardinal red and our reader’s thoughts on the signing.

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