Tenth Anniversary Of September 11th Attacks

This Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of the heinous attacks that took place on American soil. Thousands of people lost their lives in Washington DC, New York City, and in Pennsylvania.

Over the course of time, various tributes have been raised to the American heroes that were involved in that day’s actions. People have spoken, God Bless America has been sang at sporting events, our own National Anthem took on a new meaning, and moments of silence have been observed all over the world.

Sometimes the hardest thing for someone that writes, hosts radio shows, or utilizes Social Media to do is to not speak or be heard. Over the next few days, the subject matter of that day will be examined. Beyond that, we have decided to be “heard” in a new way.

A moment of silence would not be enough for websites such as this one. So, instead, we bring to you an entire day. This website, as well as the websites listed below (all members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance) have decided to collectively go into a “black out” period for the entire day this Sunday, September 11, 2011. No posts will be written. No Tweets will be sent. No Facebook posts will occur. For 24 hours, this group of websites has chosen to observe our own “moment of silence” in honor of the citizens, military members, civil servants and true American heroes that past away on that day.

We will return on Monday with the same great content that we have always brought to our fans.

Until then, we will join you in watching the game. We will be fans for the day. We will be Americans.

Thank you.

And God Bless America.

Below are the websites that are participating in the “moment of silence”. Clicking on any of the logos will take you to one of the participating sites.

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