MLB Reports: James Lamb On Being A Baseball Parent

Royals prospect John Lamb is climbing through the Kansas City Royals Minor League affiliates, spending this season at the Double-A level as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.

Our friends over at MLB Reports have had the opportunity to sit and discuss parenting with James Lamb. The following is directly from their website:

John Lamb

What Can a Parent Do: A Guide to Being a Baseball Parent“, By James O. Lamb

I had the pleasure of meeting James Lamb through social media this year. As parents and through our mutual love of baseball, we have enjoyed several baseball discussions and debates. As a professional scout for the Florida Marlins, James is very active in Major League Baseball and is extremely knowledgeable on the sport. Many of our discussions though centered on parenthood, including being a baseball parent. James own son, John Lamb, is a prospect with the Kansas City Royals. Having been through the process of having a son drafted to a major league team, James’ story is a fascinating one. I learned about James also through his websites, and Being a father myself to a five-year son with another baby boy on the way, I started discussing with James the journey of becoming a baseball parent. That is where the concept of this article was born. We are very fortunate to have James Lamb as our MLB Guest Blogger today. For all current and future baseball parents, you will find James insights and tips extremely valuable. We proudly feature on the reports, James O. Lamb, with ”What Can a Parent Do: A Guide to Being a Baseball Parent“.

Drop by their site to read the full article, which is a very interesting look inside of the mind of people affiliated with professional baseball players.

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