Hey, Watch This!

When this phrase is uttered you can bet someone is about to do something that might not end well. Watching the Royals can be like that. In fact I bet some of you didn’t know the Royals played baseball games after the All-Star Break. I personally have not seen one since 2006, but I hear that they happen. Usually by this time I have moved on to following teams that are playing or play-off spots. I hear about September Call Ups and other late season happenings with the Royals through regular media outlets. This year might be different for me. I have come up with a few reasons to watch.

photo by Minda Haas

The Trade Deadline: These few weeks leading up to July 31st are some of my favorite of the year. You never know what’s going to happen. Not just with the Royals, but with all teams in baseball. Dayton Moore has said in more than one interview that the Royals won’t be all that active. I personally do not believe anything a baseball executive tells the media, especially when it involves trades or negotiations. I could write an article about what I think might happen. But I find such articles as lame as NFL Mock Drafts. As in, I don’t read them, so I won’t write them. What I do know is the trade deadline can be like Christmas. It could also be like a kick in the jewels. Like learning Yuneski Betancourt is on your favorite team, and that your team gave up some pitching to get him. You don’t know what’s going to happen, and that’s why it’s fun. This will be my first Trade Deadline with Twitter. That should add to the entertainment.

Moore Prospects: When are Mike Montgomery, Lorenzo Cain and Johnny Giavotella getting called up? Moves at the trade deadline will have an impact on this. I’ll be upset if they just get a September cup of coffee.

Rookies: Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, who as I was editing this article hit a game winning 2 run homer against the Twins, Alcides Escobar, and the young arms in the bullpen. How will they improve? Danny Duffy certainly has some things to work on. How will they adjust to playing more games than they’ve played their entire lives? How will they handle the losing? Will they make adjustments? Do you notice questions are constantly surrounding this team?

Kyle Davies: Just kidding. In fact, I plan to not watch, listen, or attend any Kyle Davies start. As long as he in this rotation you cannot tell me the front office is actually serious about contending.

The Schedule: No interleague play from here on out. That means the Royals will be playing the majority of their AL Central schedule in the second half. The Royals still have nine games left with the Indians. I single out the Indians because they are relatively the same age and development of the Royals. They destroyed the Royals earlier in the spring. The Royals really need to battle back against them, and at least give me hope that the division title doesn’t go through Cleveland in the next few years. The schedule also includes back to back series against the Yankees and Red Sox August 15th-21st. And just to make things more fun, 41 of the Royals final 71 games are on the road.

Finally, you should watch the Royals because it’s baseball. But be careful, you might hurt yourself.

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