Where is the Beef?

According to the Royals clubhouse, they supposedly made two significant upgrades on the offense when they brought up Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas from Omaha. The offense was having problems and those two were doing well enough to earn calls up to the big show to help remedy the Royals’ problem of run support.

These two have been somewhat helpful but not nearly as productive as two other starters who have been with the club all season (Billy Butler and Alex Gordon). As a team, the Royals only hit twelve home runs in the month of June. That is good enough for dead last in the entire Major Leagues to accompany a .360 slugging percentage during the same period (Ranked 22nd).

I know the Royals are not a roster full of sluggers such as the Boston Red Sox who led the league in slugging this past month and second in average. They did manage to average nearly a stolen base per day in the month of June, with 29. This stat ties them with the Yankees at the top of the American League. Therefore, when they are getting on base, the Royals are attempting to do some good when they have opportunities.

Another positive note – the Royals finished near the low end of the spectrum with strikeouts with only 156, compared to the Cubs who were struck out a league leading 228 times. The young players are at least putting the ball into play consistently, but have been failing to execute rallies day in and day out.

Being consistent on defense has been one of the Royals’ strong suits throughout most of the season, leads the Majors in Range Factor and is tied for second in double plays. The starting outfielders have combined for thirty-one assists going into this weekend, with Alex Gordon leading the way with thirteen.

The starting rotation has been plagued by injuries. More than half of them some time during the year. This makes it difficult for the coaching staff to develop any consistency when they are constantly having to make sure the plethora of young arms are not being over used and damaged.

A good steak does not have occasional flashes of great flavors as you eat it. It should have the same high quality taste from the first bite down to the last. There is little to no fat on it and has been a part of the Independence Day barbequing tradition for many years. Interest is quickly fading because the Royals are not giving us the beef. Give us some fireworks. Give us consistency. Give us the t-bone of baseball, more Ws.

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