The KMOX First Pitch Ticket Experience

You probably never thought you’d ever see the words “cheap date” and “Cardinals game” in the same sentence, did you?  LOL!  (Well, if someone gives you Cardinals tickets, your date is even cheaper.)  The Cardinals, along with KMOX, run a really sweet deal so you can score cheap tickets to a Cardinals game.  It’s called First Pitch Tickets.  At 9:00 AM on the morning of each home game, you purchase a voucher for $11.20.  There are 275 vouchers available for purchase.  Fifteen minutes prior to game time, you redeem your voucher for 2 tickets that can be anywhere in the stadium, from standing room only to infield field box.  These tickets have been turned back in from fans, opposing teams, etc.  It’s a win-win deal for both the Cards and the fans – those seats don’t remain empty (and a full house always looks good on TV) and the fans get a great deal.  Click here to go to the page on the Cards’ web site where this deal is described in more detail.

My hubby and I have wanted to try out this deal since 550 KTRS, the Cardinals’ former flagship radio station, started the First Pitch Ticket promotion.  We knew that it would have to be a Saturday game and it would have to be when our 14 year old son was otherwise occupied, since you only get two tickets. The stars finally aligned for us to try the First Pitch Ticket promotion on Saturday, June 25.  Our son was camping with his Boy Scout troop for the weekend and it was a Saturday game, so we decided to try our luck.  The Cards played the second game of a three game set with the Toronto Blue Jays that night.  It was Pooches at the Ballpark night (we saw several pooches) and the promotional item giveaway that day was a Purina dog chew toy.

Thinking there might be a line to purchase the First Pitch Ticket vouchers since it was a Saturday, I decided to get to Busch Stadium early.  You have to go to the 8th Street ticket windows to purchase the vouchers.  A lot of other people had the same idea I did.   A stadium employee handed out tickets that looked like ride tickets.  You had to have a ticket in order to purchase a voucher.  All of us fans gathered together close to the ticket windows.  I must have looked like a newbie, because some of the fans mentioned how they knew people who received field box seats, party room tickets, etc. with this promotion.  Two ticket windows opened at 9 AM.  I was second in line and I purchased my voucher.  A driver’s license or ID (along with money, of course) was required.  I went back to the MetroLink station and rode the train back home.

Another way to go to the Cards’ games for cheap is to bring your own beverages to the ballgame.  No, you’re not allowed to bring alcohol into the stadium, but per the regulations here, you can bring soda or water in a clear plastic bottle no larger that 2 liters.  You can also bring food into the stadium.  It all has to fit into a bag that you can put underneath your seat.

The game was early that evening (6:15 p.m. start time), so hubby and I left home around 4 PM so we could get to downtown St Louis to eat dinner before we had to get in line to get our tickets.We rode the Metrolink – a lot cheaper than driving and parking.  I work in downtown St. Louis, so I already have my Metrolink pass.  The tickets were to be given away at 6 PM, so I thought we should be in line no later than 5:45 PM.  We ate at Hardee’s at 7th and Chestnut – cheap and fairly fast.  At least I had hubby to protect me this time as I walked through Kiener Plaza pre-game time (unlike Social Media Night).  Or we could have procured the assistance of any of the Marines who were in downtown St. Louis for Marine Week.  Semper Fi!

We were going to wait until 5:45 PM to get in line, but we saw people already waiting in line at the First Pitch sign near Gate 5, so we got in line.  We weren’t the first in line to get our tickets, but that was okay, since you get the tickets in an envelope and not getting there earlier doesn’t give you an advantage in getting good seats.  An usher came through the line and checked our vouchers and ID’s.  He then handed out to everyone the aforementioned dog chew toys.  After you get the envelope with your tickets, you have to enter the stadium at Gate 5 immediately – I guess so you don’t try to sell your tickets.  LOL!

I stopped and purchased a scorecard before opening my envelope.  I keep score at every game I’ve attended over the last 25 years  –  I have quite a collection of scorecards. Our tickets were in Section 372, row 9, seats 3 and 4 – 6 rows from the top of the stadium.  We saw lots of folks who were standing in line with us in this section, so most of the First Pitch tickets that night must have been in that section.  I told hubby that we would probably have better luck getting better seats with the First Pitch promotion on a weeknight or a Thursday afternoon game.   Here’s the view from up there:

These seats are awfully close together.  I kept thinking about that Schoolhouse Rock song, “Elbow Room.”   Whoever had seats 1 and 2 in our row never showed up, so hubby and I moved over later on in the game.  Hubby likes to be able to stretch his legs out.

Erika’s buddy Danny D had a couple nice 5-3 plays in the 2nd and 4th innings, but Jaime Garcia didn’t look good in the 4th – he walked the pitcher and 2 others that inning, then Juan Rivera hit a home run to clear the bases.  The Cardinals didn’t win that game.  We left in the top of the 7th inning.  I had a sinus headache and I thought it was from sitting up so high, but storm clouds were moving in and hubby thought we’d better try to get home before it started raining.

All in all, even though the Cards lost, it was a fun experience.  Would we take advantage of the First Pitch ticket promotion again?  Probably, but maybe on a weeknight next time.

That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!

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