Not Okay

Throughout the course of the season teams go through various ups and downs. The Brewers, the very team staring down from first place at us, had a seven game losing streak themselves early on in the season. In 2006, the Cardinals had two eight game losing streaks en route to winning the World Series. Obviously stranger things have happened.

That doesn’t mean they should.

Losing makes me grumpy. Blowouts, lost leads, walk offs, they all bum me out. I’m far from a fair weather fan, and if anything I’m a glutton for punishment, seeing as how I watched all the way down to the very last pitch the last three games, and the two that I was in attendance for in Milwaukee I stayed in my seat until the players were shaking hands. I know things will swing back around.

They always do.

Already last night, it was obvious the difference that Matt Holliday makes in the lineup, especially since he wasted no time showing that he hadn’t lost a millisecond in his bat swing. Likewise, Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina set off some fireworks of their own with home runs. It felt like those early in the season sweet moments when you knew that the team was going to find a way to win. Especially after managing to tie it up (TWICE), I could feel it coming!

There was something missing last night. Table setters. Home runs rock, but solo home runs don’t get just too many runs up on the board, especially when the other team is finding ways to get two and three runs at a time via the home run or just some good old fashioned small ball. Having the top two in the order (Tyler Greene and Colby Rasmus) having 0-for-5 nights hurt, but 2 double plays, an 0-for-5 for the team with runners in scoring position, and a team total of 7 left on base makes it tough to win ballgames.

But you know, I sure like watching games like that more than blowouts or lost leads. To me that says that there are minor adjustments to make, and when the support team is all getting back in the game, things will get better.

Then again, maybe the boys just need some home cooking. Just in time! Tonight they’re back at home, facing those visitors from the west side of the state in the Royals. The Cards took 2 of 3 from the Royals back in May, but since then the Royals have gone 8-14 and tumbled even further down the AL Central standings. Seeing as how the Brewers, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates are all withing a handful of games of each other, now would be a great time to pick up a few quick wins.

Go Cards! :)

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