Why The Cardinals Will Win I-70

The I-70 Series has arrived in 2011. The series that gave this site the name that you all have come to know and love (humor me) will find the first three game set this year being hosted by the boys in blue.

In honor of the upcoming series, I reached out to two of my favorite (though sometimes below the belt fighting) guys to give us their thoughts as to why their individual team will walk away with some bragging rights after this weekend. I then asked our guest’s counter part to provide some counter-point thoughts.

In this article, it is our friend Aaron Hooks that will take the stage to tell you why the Cardinals will come out on top. The writer behind the amazing Twitter account @FakeNedYost takes on the task of counter points.

Aaron Hooks Says: Friday the 13th the Royals lost. And they haven’t won since. Some might call that a coincidence, but Cardinal fans are calling it what it really is – reality. The Royals are not a good team. The Royals are a poor team. And if takes a superstitious supernatural calendar date to wake the Royals back into their annual summer slumber, sobeit.

Fake Ned Yost Says: You’re a dick. We shop a grocery stores called “Hy-Vee” you shop at grocery stores called “Schnucks” That’s stupid.

Aaron Hooks Says: Kauffman Stadium is like Busch Stadium West. Face it Royal Fan, if there is such a creature, that stadium is going to be packed with so much red you’ll wonder if the Chiefs are holding a 9 on 9 drill. It’s hard to accept your fate as an eternal sub .500 team, but much easier when your own hometown won’t come out en masse for you against a cross-state power.

Fake Ned Yost Says: What an asshole. It’s no wonder the Reds hate you guys so much.

Aaron Hooks Says: It’s Kansas City. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only thing they win at is losing.

Fake Ned Yost Says: The Rams totally agree with you there.

Aaron Hooks Says: Jamie Garcia. Go on and have a little taste of Jamie. Tell us how that goes for you on Sunday. I’d go ahead and make your post game plans now for 2:30 minutes and no runs after the first pitch.

Fake Ned Yost Says: I’ll take your Jamie Garcia and raise you an Eric Hosmer. Chuck Norris spent a million dollars for an Eric Hosmer rookie card.

Aaron Hooks Says: Wal-Mart. People shop at Wal-Mart to survive. People shop at Target to get things they enjoy and other people like. Guess where Royals owner David Glass came from.

Fake Ned Yost Says: You seem pretty educated on the matter. But just so ya know, your tampons and maxi-pads are cheaper at Wal-Mart.

Aaron Hooks Says: Have fun holding on to relevancy, KC- by June you’ll be ready for next year. And not to really be the turd in the punch bowl… but Alex Gordon was supposed to be a stud too. Hard to tell if all these ‘prospects’ are going to do jack in the big leagues.

Think about that. Think about that deeply.

Fake Ned Yost Says: We will murder Billy Butler in the street when we sign Albert to make room on the 25-Man roster.

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