I-70 To Participate In UCB Progressive Game Blog

The following is the press release from The United Cardinal Bloggers home page. I-70 will be hitting leadoff and discussing the first inning this year.

UCB Announces 2011 Progressive Game Blog

Photo By Erika Lynn

For the fourth consecutive year, the United Cardinal Bloggers are conducting a project that is unique to the Cardinal blogosphere, the Progressive Game Blog. This year, the game in question will be Saturday’s tilt against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Progressive Game Blog allows for one game to be seen through many eyes. Each blogger will write up an inning, discussing it in their style and using it as a jumping off point for any other stories or tangents they wish to get into. All the blog entries will be linked together, so a reader can see one game through many different eyes.

“The PGB is one of the things that helps define what the UCB is all about,” said Daniel Shoptaw, founder and organizer of the group. ”It’s original, it’s collaborative, and it’s baseball. It’s always a lot of fun to see how other bloggers see a slice of the game, especially when they view it in a much different fashion than you do.”

This is not a live blog, but all entries should be posted by Saturday evening. A list of all the blogs participating and their inning can be found at www.unitedcardinalbloggers.com as well as below.

The United Cardinal Bloggers is a loose association that brings together Cardinal bloggers for various projects throughout the year as well as building community and communications between the bloggers. You can find the UCB on Facebook as well as Twitter.

The roster for this year’s Progressive Game Blog is as follows:

Pregame: United Cardinal Bloggers
First: I70 Baseball
Second: Aaron Miles’ Fastball
Third: The Redbird Menace
Fourth: Fungoes
Fifth: STL: Fear The Red
Sixth: El Maquino
Seventh: Cardinal Diamond Diaries
Top Eighth: Cards ‘N Stuff
Bottom Eighth: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Goodnight
Ninth: Pitchers Hit Eighth
Extra Innings/Postgame: C70 At The Bat

Past PGBs include:

2008–St. Louis vs. Chicago
2009–St. Louis vs. Kansas City
2010–St. Louis at Chicago

Just a curious note, the first two of these games were pitched by Kyle Lohse, with the third one being his start if he had not just gone on the disabled list. Saturday’s scheduled starter? Kyle Lohse.

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