Let’s Go Streaking

It’s tough to talk about the Royals this week. Usually a daily topic among my friends and I, even in the winter, we’ve found it hard to talk about the Royals this week. There’s simply nothing else to discuss. A precipitous falling back to earth has occurred. There is a myriad of topics that if they were the proverbial horse and we beat them anymore, PETA would be in front of www.I70baseball.com Headquarters protesting the cruelty to said horse.

Streakers can be entertaining

But I made a promise to write something every week. So this week I’m going to talk about streaking. Not the type of streaking that happens in less civilized Major League Stadiums. The type of streaking the Royals as a team, and Royals players have been doing. Alex Gordon went on a 19 game hitting streak. Certainly the longest of Gordon’s career, and one of the longest in recent memory for any Royals player. Last September Gordon declared to the Kansas City Star that he expected “to dominate next year”. Since then my friends and I have been calling him The Dominator. At first it was in jest, mocking Gordon’s domination of the American League. Now we call him The Dominator because he is actually dominating. Of Course, it’s only one month of domination. We reserve the right to switch at any time.

Not to be out done: Jeff Francoeur, at the time of this writing has at least a 17 game hitting streak. It’s the longest of Francoeur’s career. Francoeur and Gordon’s hitting streaks are the second time since 1900 teammates have had hitting streaks of longer than 15 games in April. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez did in April 2007. Even if Francoeur’s streak ends, hopefully he continues on his hitting tear, and let’s a teammate become the Fan’s whipping boy this season.

Despite the awesome streaks from individual players. The Royals are on a six game losing streak. Another American League team had a six game losing streak to begin the season and you would have thought the sky was falling. Royals fans go through a six game losing streak and just assume that it’s supposed to happen. Certainly any baseball team can go on a six game losing streak and still have a nice season. Most of us understand the expectations were low for this season anyway. However, it’s frustrating to see a team give everything back in one road trip, and as of this writing the streak has not ended.

Like I wrote last week. This team is going to be a roller coaster. Right now we’re on the first big drop. But do not fear. Coasters usually go back up….at some point. They way the starting rotation is going, come June I expect the young arms in Omaha to ditch their Nexrad Radars and mesonets for crowns and scepters. At least I hope so. If not, the next time I go to Kauffman Stadium I’m going to root for a real streaker.

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