Help Wanted: Organization Considering A “Different Direction”

Our organization is looking for someone to join our team. We are in need of an individual who can help us end our work days on a positive note. Ideal candidates will have experience working in a group setting, possess a winning attitude, and work well under pressure. Respecting teammates is a must, and experience is preferred, but not necessary. Being right-handed is considered a plus.

This is a travel position–the winning candidate should expect to travel up to thrice weekly (often less) from mid-February until the end of September…possibly October. Major metropolitan cities will be the most common of destinations, many of which will be visited several times per year. Travel & accommodations will be provided by the organization at no expense to the employee.

A typical work day will begin early/mid afternoon, and end around 10pm local time, though there may be occasions where mandatory overtime will be required. It should be noted: When mandatory overtime is required, there will often be very short notice. The winning candidate will not be required to work every day, but should expect to be available most days, and will be required to work weekends. From time to time, working hours will shift, and start in the morning, usually ending by late afternoon in those instances.

Compensation starts around $414,000 annually, but could potentially reach into the 7-figure (sometimes 8-figure) range depending on a number of factors, not the least of which being performance. Top earners for the position in our industry have earned as much as $15MM annually. Union membership is required, and dues will be deducted from total compensation each pay period. Just like,  retirement benefits are unmatched here, including pension opportunities and health insurance benefits. The hired individual will receive no fewer than 14 weeks of paid vacation time as part of the job offer.

The winning candidate will be encouraged to work with at least one local charitable organization, or establish one of their own. Many programs are available through various underprivileged assistance organizations, children’s hospitals…etc. More information will be provided once a candidate is named to the position.

Our organization has a strong history of winning, and we take great pride in our work. Lately, however, our work days have been ending in less-than-ideal ways, and the organization cannot sustain itself by continuing on that path. Ours is among the most-respected and highly regarded teams in our industry, and boasts a rich tradition and history like none other. We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates.

Please send inquiries to:

St. Louis Cardinals, L.L.C.
Role of Closer
ATTN: LaRussa/Duncan
700 Clark Street
St. Louis, MO 63102

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