Franky’s Snap

When Ryan Franklin lashed out at Cardinal fans for the boos (and probably other unmentionables) launched at him following Laynce Nix’ home run in the 8th inning of Wednesday afternoon’s game, the best fans in baseball took exception..

The details can be found here on the Cardinals website (and many, many other baseball sites due to the sheer volume of feathers understandably ruffled in Cardinal Nation.)

The defensive and emotional responses to Franklin’s remarks peppered the internet.  The best fans in baseball were listening (as usual) and used every mode at their disposal to provide an overwhelming, albeit divided, response.

Simply put, there are two camps.

1)      “We pay money to come to games/choose to spend our time watching games/ support this team… therefore we have the right to speak our minds when the team or a player fails to do his job.”

2)      “Booing your own team/players is unacceptable, even when they are underperforming miserably.”

The cases for either of these two camps can be made more/less eloquently and often with more colorful language, but the underlying sentiments remain the same.

I am quite certain nobody is surprised to read that I fall into camp #2.  I don’t find hecklers at minor league games entertaining.  I feel bad for our guys when they make an error.  I may moan, cringe or grumble when a ball is misplayed or a batter strikes out, stranding multiple base runners.  However I would never…. ever… boo a Cardinal during a game. Cheer for your team, or (when things are really ugly) just sit back and take a deep breath, fingers crossed that it doesn’t get any worse.  Sighs, groans and general frustration are, of course, acceptable because we are baseball fans who actually, you know, watch the game.

But that’s just me.

Now, Ryan Franklin may be frustrated. He obviously is bothered by his poor performance and the immediate backlash from the fans.  Who wouldn’t be??!  However, he is a MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYER.

Chin up, Franky.  Take the licks.  I am certain that you have blocked out your share of hecklers and naysayers throughout your entire baseball career.  Lashing out publicly at Cardinal fans was a poor choice; but hopefully those comments don’t stick around to haunt you long after you get your pitching groove back.

Cardinal fans ARE the best fans in baseball.  We are intelligent, emotional participants in the ballgames we witness.  We care what happens on that field.

Honestly, I was partly pleased to read Ryan Franklin’s comments.  It reminded me that he is human, which we sometimes forget from the façade these professional ballplayers put up in order to focus on the game. Franklin has stumbled personally in a very public setting, on a Major League mound and now in front of a microphone.  This (his pitching and relationship with the fans) could go in two different directions for Mr. Franklin.

Being squarely in camp #2, I am cheering for him to recover from both setbacks.

Double-header yesterday and a day-game today?  More baseball?  Why yes, thank you!

GO CARDS!!  ;)

0 thoughts on “Franky’s Snap

  1. I agree that I wish fans didn’t boo players on their own team. But it is their right as paying customers to voice their displeasure. Franklin was off base with his statement. It’s uncharacteristic and hopefully will be taken as such and as a sign of his frustration.

  2. I wish Franklin would have had some time to gather himself, let his emotions calm down & take some things into consideration before talking to the press. I don’t agree with or like the booing of your own team/team member, that’s not what we are about as Cardinal fans, but I don’t like him criticizing the entire fandom based on the actions of a very small, very atypical crowd yesterday. I appreciate that he apologized, and do feel it was sincere. I hope everyone cuts him some slack & realizes that we’ve all said things we didn’t mean when upset/frustrated/mad and not everyone takes the opportunity to admit & amend that.

  3. Good Sportsmanship goes both ways…..for fans and players. We need to BE the change we want to SEE in the world…..of sports. He said he was wrong….fans are wrong to boo their team…. so let’s get on with growing up a bit. PLAY BALL.

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