Welcome To Battle Of Ohio

Well hello there.

My name is Bill Ivie and last year I launched a new Baseball Digest affiliate site known as I-70 Baseball. That site is supported by fourteen writers, a weekly internet radio show, and countless man hours of design, writing, and editing. The site covers the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals on a daily basis. All in all, the site has been successful and given birth to a new company, Ivie League Productions.

At Ivie League Productions, we look to capitalize on the success of that website to produce others similar to it. We also look to continue to provide top quality internet radio programming on a nightly basis. Currently, you can find shows five nights a week from Ivie League Productions, ranging in topics from all over baseball. The Sunday night show that was launched over a month ago is hosted by David Mitchell and Mark Donahue and supports the very site we announce to you today.

Today, it is my pleasure to bring you a team of writers dedicated to covering the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. The writers here will be impartial observers of the team and will aim to keep the pulse on what you, the fans, are feeling. They have been tasked to bring the best coverage of the teams that they can and I have no doubt they will succeed.

I have said many times that the people that write for me on the various websites I represent are my favorite writers from around the world. This site is no different and I invite you all to add this site to your bookmarks, your Google Readers, or any other way you would like to read the content. The various voices will aim to entertain and inform you in as unique a way as possible while discussing the game we all love.

So welcome, to Battle Of Ohio Baseball, we all hope you enjoy.

Bill Ivie is the Assignment Editor for BaseballDigest.com and the founder of Ivie League Productions.
His love of the game comes second to very few things in his life.
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