Is This Exciting For Anyone Else?

At the beginning of Spring Training if someone would have said the Royals are going to be good enough to win or split their first five series of the year, I would have been extremely skeptical along with most other baseball writers and analysts.

They are currently tied for first in their division with another surprise team, the Cleveland Indians, who are coming to town on Monday. Both teams will be coming in on early season high notes and with the expectations of setting an early tone for the American League Central.

The Royals bats have definitely gotten into rhythm with several everyday players batting at or over .300. The pitching staff is starting to come together quite nicely but now have an open slot for the setup role due to Robinson Tejada’s recent placement on the disabled list for the next couple of weeks. The defense continues to back up the quality pitching efforts by both the starters and the bullpen.

If the Royals can finish out their current series with Seattle on a high note, they will be able to carry that momentum into the showdown against Cleveland. The Cleveland series is games 5-8 in their thirteen consecutive playing day stretch this month. A sweep by either team would send a strong message to the rest of the division that their franchise is tired of being the American League whipping boy.

Last year the Royals finished out 8-10 against the Tribe including three straight losses to close out the season series. If the Royals want to continue to make positive strides with their young team, they will have to continue to step up and execute as they did the past two weeks.

Solid pitching from first pitch to the last out, timely hitting, and solid defense is what the Royals have demonstrated so far this month. Their success has even reached the realm of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where people are saying things like this:

“Royals, you are getting my hopes up. Be careful for your sake!”
“Life in our house is great because the Royals are winning.”
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. How about another I-70 series!”

It’s very early in the season, but I don’t see anything wrong with instilling and investing a little excitement into this young and exciting team.

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