Cards Droppings Previews The Desert Showdown

Make sure you drop by our friends, Cards Droppings, for their analysis and generally solid baseball coverage. Thanks to them, we bring you a series preview for the Cardinals and Diamondbacks.

The Cardinals travel from San Francisco to Arizona, having dropped two of three to the Giants. If we had a decent closer, it’s very possible that we could have swept that series. Enough of that for now, as this is supposed to be a preview of the series with the Diamondbacks.

Arizona is off to a 4-4 start on the young season, but they just took two of three from the ’27 Yankees, er, I mean the Reds. They are led by manager Kirk Gibson, he of the “I don’t believe what I just saw” fame. The Cardinals really need their bats to wake up, and Arizona’s home stadium is a great place for offense. Hopefully with Matt Holliday back, we can finally begin to see the true potential of this team’s offense.

Our lineup tonight includes Holliday, Berkman, Pujols and Rasmus for the first time since Opening Day: Theriot 6, Rasmus 8, Pujols, 3, Holliday, 7, Berkman 9, Freese 5, Schumaker 7, Molina 2, McClellan 1. I sure wish TLR would consider swapping Berkman and Rasmus. I think Berkman is going to have a higher OBP at the end of the season and it would be nice to give guys like Pujols and Holliday chances to drive him in. Although, now that I say that, all it would do right now is give Albert more chances to ground into double plays…

Arizona has a lot of potential in its lineup, although it is one that can be pitched to. The offense is anchored by outfielders Justin Upton and Chris Young. Shortstop Stephen Drew, catcher Miguel Montero and second baseman Kelly Johnson are also threats, especially from the left side of the plate. All of these guys strike out at a pretty high rate, so hopefully our pitchers can avoid mistakes and give us a good shot at winning the series. The Diamondback bullpen is nothing too special, although JJ Putz and David Hernandez are going to be fairly tough at the back end of a game.

The Diamondbacks definitely figure to be one of the weaker teams in the National League this year, so it’s vital for the Redbirds to take two of three before they move onto a four game series at Dodger Stadium.

Check out the pitching matchups and in depth breakdown of each game by clicking here.

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