Apologies (For Now)

Anyone who knows me knows I am very vocal with my opinions. It makes no difference if I am right or wrong, my opinion is my opinion and I am going to share it with the world. Well sometimes when you are wrong you have to apologize for your mistakes. The Royals are only six games in to the season but there are people who are making me wrong. So let’s get to the apologies.

Alex Gordon courtesy of Minda Haas

I’m sorry Alex Gordon. I am sorry I doubted you could “dominate.” I am sorry I doubted you were anything more than a AAA player or even a AAAA hall of famer. I am sorry that I discounted your preseason stats and said they won’t carry over to the regular season. Gordon is now batting over .370. He is the first Royalman Player of the Week on pinetarpress.com and is absolutely dominating so far this year. He’s playing well in the field and has really earned his spot on the team. Many others are probably apologizing privately for thinking he’d be out by June and Lorenzo Cain, Jarrod Dyson or Mitch Maier would have his spot. If (and that is a naughty word around these parts) Gordon can continue to do what he’s doing so far, he’d belt 20 plus home runs, bat over .325 and slug over .600. Now what I won’t apologize for and what I am watching very closely is Gordon is still too much of a free swinger. He’s have a 7/2 K to walk rate right now and he was at a 1/1 for a good part of spring training. His eye is better this year but he still needs to strike out less because this team needs to move runners. So, to you Alex Gordon, I am sorry, for now.

I’m sorry to you Ned Yost. I doubted you could be a real manager. I placed much emphasis on the fact that you were choking so bad in Milwaukee they fired you while you were still the wild card leader. I’m sorry I wanted Clint Hurdle more than you because he took a no name Colorado team to the World Series. Ned Yost had this team firing during the “honeymoon period” after his hiring last year then they seemed to go back to the same ole’ Royals but this year they seem a little different. This team is playing much more as a team. They seem fired up and playing good baseball. The teams the Royals have defeated so far were picked to be 1st or 2nd in their division by many. The early records of the teams played are 6-5 but if you take out the games against the Royals those two teams are 4-1. The teams the royals played are not bad, they are winning against other opponents but neither could take a series from KC and much of the credit for that has to be given to Ned Yost. The team is stealing bases and playing light. They are showing heart and never giving up when they get behind. All of those qualities have to be in some way related to Yost’s leadership. For all these reasons, Ned Yost, I am sorry, for now.

Kila Kaaihue courtesy of Minda Haas

There is one person I am not sorry to, at least not yet. I would love for him to make me wrong and have to pay up on a bet of Jamison to a twitter buddy but Kila Ka’aihue I am not sorry for being hard on you. I don’t believe you can have an OPS of .815 or better. I don’t think you can hit .275/.375/.475 with 30 plus jacks like some seem to think. Heck I am doubting you can hit .225/.325/.425 with 20 jacks. I think Eric Hosmer time is going to come very soon and you will just be another Royals prospect who didn’t quite make it. I hope I am wrong. I want so bad to have to apologize for this but I am a realist and don’t see it happening.

I am sorry to the Kansas City Royals for only picking you to win 70. When I first made that prediction Greinke had just been traded and many were picking us to lose 100. I never wavered from my stance in either direction. I picked up a bet from my buddy Husker that if the Royals when more than 63, he owes me a case of beer. Meanwhile many were picking the Royals to win 75 or even go .500 after spring training. I wish I would have jumped on that wagon because after this solid start 70 wins looks very pessimistic. Now granted its early and the Royals may absolutely fall to part but right now they are 4-2 winning more than 66% of their games so to think they will only win 40% the rest of the way is very pessimistic and I don’t believe they will be that bad. 75 wins is very plausible and .500 is possible. I believe and for that reason I am sorry Kansas City Royals, for now.

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