The Greatest Day On The Calendar

As the sun rose this morning, hundreds of people were already hard at work. They were checking the details. Like a parent on Christmas morning, they are making sure everything is in place.

Making sure the souviener stands are stocked and ready. Making sure the promotional material is ready at the gates. Seats are clean, aisles are swept, food stands are stocked. Meetings were held to ensure that everyone knew the game plan. All while you were still in bed.

As the sun rises this morning, grounds crews will ensure everything is perfect. The logos painted in the field are meticulously manicured. The grass is perfect. The field is dragged, kicking the sweet smell of the fine dust up and around the field.

The dew on the grass gives way to warmer temperatures. Downtown in your city, rallies are held for teams. People are screaming. Absenteeism at work and school will be at all time highs. Little kids, grown adults, elderly, and teenagers will converge on stadiums wearing team colors and optimism.

As the noon hour quickly approaches, all 30 teams sit in a tie for first place. Every fan has hope and optimistic views. This afternoon, everyone has as much of a chance as any other team. Your favorite player is as much the league MVP as mine or anyone else.

By the time you go to bed, the landscape is being laid. Debates will be held as to why the team won or lost. The division of baseball will begin. Optimism will reach higher, crash to the ground, or be adjusted. The local sports talk stations will break down every detail, every player change, every sacrifice and every error. Sports television will show highlights, low lights, errors, and amazing plays.

If you are reading this, you will love every last minute of it.

Happy Opening Day. It is the greatest day of the year for people like me. The love of my life returns. For the next six to seven months my life will revolve around the game. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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