Happy Holidays! (Opening Day Style)

Happy Holidays everybody! No, this article isn’t a retread. It is indeed the last week of March and its OPENING DAY!

That’s the greatest holiday of the year. I cannot wait for March 31st! It’s the greatest day of the year. The minute college football ends, I begin to get ready for baseball and March Madness is the appetizer of the great summer feast! So I am always giddy for opening day and I wondered if it was as great for others and my twitter friends came to bat.

Clinton Corley (@clintoninc) had this to say:

@KCRoyalman perhaps the only day of yr where optimism is at its highest & u can feel it inside the stadium. A Fresh Start, Hope SPRINGS
Clinton Corley

Fresh start! Let’s do this! Everyone is undefeated and could do great things! For others it takes people back to their childhood.

Ty and Jay of @sotwpodcast had memories of their mom:

@KCRoyalman I'm w/@jfishsports. Mom took us out of school w/us fully decked out in Royals gear. We were fooling no one, lol.

For others its all about the memories of certain athletes. Mike Foos (@revive85kc) remembers

In 99 I interviewed Miles Prentice at 7 am inside the stadium. It was still dark and completely lit. Owners dnied his bid to buy @KCRoyalman
Michael James Foos

Miles Prentice was turned away of course as David Glass bought the Royals. Since then Prentice has also had unsuccessful attempts to buy Brewers and Reds.

Shane England of @footballranch recalled

@KCRoyalman Oh, BEST memory. Obviously its Mendy Lopez. 8 drunken friends jumping up and down like game 7 of the WS. That's Royals baseball
The Shaniac w/ KC

For those of you who dont know Lopez, who was a career journeyman, hit a pinch-hit, three-run homer against the White Sox in the bottom of the 9th for a 9-7 win on opening day 2004. Those late rallies happened a couple of different opening days too.

For some, the memories aren’t being at the K but the strong memories of just being home such as Adam McGregor (@admcgregor3) recalls:

@KCRoyalman sitting in my living room before track practice in college and watching the #royals rally back in the 9th inning to win
A.D. McGregor
@KCRoyalman those late rallies happened a couple of different opening days too.
A.D. McGregor

Opening day should be a national holiday or at least a state holiday for a great baseball state like Missouri. March 31st marks the greatest day of the year and a day that everyone reading this blog is excited for, ready for and can not wait for the festivities.

Happy opening day everyone! If you are at the K shoot me a message on twitter @kcroyalman and I will stop by! I can’t wait to see you all on the greatest day of the year. May it turn out well for both the Cards and Royals and playoffs for both! Hey we can dream! Thats whats great about opening day!

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