Top Fantasy Baseball Cities

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a part of what has quickly grown into a great tradition, fantasy baseball. If you have not had your draft, or two of your drafts by now, then you will be drafting this week. It is time for every “armchair manager” to show that he can prove his prowess by managing real major leaguers.

This game centered upon the great pastime has quickly become a pastime of its own. Yahoo! released their report on where these people who play this game reside. It’s interesting that Midwest cities populate the top portion of this list with St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit making up 5 of the top 10. As a measure, it’s estimated that one in 76 people play fantasy baseball in St. Louis while one in 138 play in New York.

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Here are the top 25 cities that play Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball:

Yahoo! Top Fantasy Baseball Cities

1. St. Louis

2. Boston

3. Milwaukee

4. Minneapolis – St. Paul

5. Chicago

6. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose

7. Philadelphia

8. San Diego

9. Detroit

10. New York

11. Cincinnati

12. Kansas City

13. Cleveland

14. Seattle – Tacoma

15. Baltimore

16. Pittsburgh

17. Washington, D.C.

18. Tampa Bay – St. Petersburg – Sarasota

19. Atlanta

20. Phoenix

21. Los Angeles

22. Denver

23. Houston

24. Miami – Fort Lauderdale

25. Dallas – Fort Worth

Fans of the game of baseball love the game for various reasons. Fans that love the game on a deeper level love the game for its strategy. So, it is easy to see why fantasy baseball has such a draw. People like to prove that they can piece together a team, drop and add players, make trades, and manage a roster better than anyone else. Fans have always enjoyed questioning a manager’s decision, having 20/20 hindsight. Now, they can dive deep into all this and prove it, all just for bragging rights or perhaps a league trophy or a hefty cash prize.

Fantasy games can also attract a younger generation because it is a “game” and it is online where young people spend, according to some reports, 30 hours a week. A mobile, Wi-Fi generation is a generation that needs to be reached by the game of baseball. It is good for the sport of baseball if the fantasy game creates a higher interest in the sport whether young or old no matter where they are from.

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