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Sometimes, players do not leave behind fans just because they leave behind a team.

Modern baseball, free agency, and the business of the game has players changing teams at a rate that is so alarming that people, even for a brief second, wondered if Derek Jeter would in fact be a Yankee by the time teams reported to Spring Training. Despite the speed at which teams will allow a player, by choice or otherwise, change uniforms, some fans do what they can to remain a fan of that player for the remainder of his career.

Some players catch our attention because of their off the field antics, some for their defensive prowess, others just for their guts alone. Some of the guys that take the field were once part of that next batch of “can’t miss” players to hit the major leagues in our favorite team’s uniform.

Fans of the Cardinals and Royals have seen their share of players come and go in recent years. Fan favorite short stops, former top of the organization outfielders, chick comment inspiring outfielders and top of the rotation pitchers have found their way into other organizations since they last wore the birds-on-the-bat or the baby blue.

This week, join us here at I-70 as we help you catch up on some of the players that are out and about in Major League Baseball. Come back throughout the week to check in on former Royals John Buck, Carlos Beltran, Zack Grienke, David DeJesus, Coco Crisp, and Mark Teahen. Our team of Cardinal writers will bring you up to speed on Blake Hawksworth, Brendan Ryan, Ryan Ludwick, Scott Rolen, Rick Ankiel and JD Drew.

The team will recap their years on the Royals and Cardinals, the success (or lack of) since leaving the team, and a look ahead at what 2011 might hold for them. We hope everyone enjoys this look at some of our favorite guys that no longer wear the uniforms we love.

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