Is It Summer Yet?

As I sit to write today’s article I look out my window and see almost two feet of snow. The birds are not chirping. The air is not crisp, it is downright cold. It is February in Missouri and there is not a single sign of Spring, let alone Summer.

At least, to non-baseball fans, that is how it looks. But today, while browsing the internet, I watched a 2010 twenty game winner throw from a mound in a pair of shorts. I heard stories of a former pitcher turned outfielder taking some batting practice with his former team due to the close proximity to his house in Florida.

People everywhere started talking about their favorite players. People openly discuss the health of players hurt at the end of 2010. Pitchers begin throwing from mounds, others Tweet about their plans to travel south soon, and beat writers start talking about the escape to the 80 degree weather.

Spring, Summer, and Baseball are all right around the corner.

The Cardinals have fans fired up about a contract negotiation, the return of a fan-favorite, and the arrival of some new pieces. Young players are starting to get some attention of writers and fans and people will look to get their first glimpse of very young prospects in the organization. Fans wonder about the durability of some, the production of others, and the role of everyone else.

Spring training starts next Monday and I-70 Baseball will be ready to start breaking down the roster, the depth chart, and even take a look at the upcoming schedule.

Stay tuned, folks, baseball is near.

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