My, How Things Change

I laugh realizing just five years ago the name Jupiter made me think planet, not Florida.  And “Truck Day” would have meant the local Chevy dealer was having a sale.
Now those words give me happy shivers.  Baseball is coming!  We survived the long winter, football is finally over and even the groundhog wants an early Spring.
Who would think that seeing crates of sugarless bubblegum and sunflower seeds loaded onto a truck could bring such joy to the hearts of hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of American adults?
Well, we can all smile a little bigger now, knowing those trucks, loaded with vital ballplayer gear and supplies, are on their way to Jupiter….Florida, not the planet. And the first Spring Training camp workouts start February 14th for pitchers and catchers. Yes, we soon will have baseball!
Wait…February 14th….
That date used to mean something different too!
My, how things change when you fall in love with baseball!  ;)

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