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I can always tell that Spring Training is near. It is easy for someone like me. A few things start to happen:

  1. I cannot get my mind off of baseball. (I watched Major League: Back To The Minors today, do not judge me)
  2. I start reading anything and everything I can find that is talking about the game.
  3. I struggle to find anything to write about

So here I sit friends, with nothing to write about. I dug around but all the great ideas were taken.

I could compile all the days posts about the Albert Pujols situation, but our good friends over at PH8 are already doing that, and I steal enough ideas from them.

I could always rip into the local media about the trash they tend to write or their negative attitudes. Then again, I like the fact that not everyone has a cheery outlook on everything and the new kid on the block has already gone there this week.

The Cardinals went out and signed one of my favorite outfielders of all time yesterday. A ton of sites had insight on this one, including our own Chris Reed yesterday (in case you missed it).

The Cardinals and Pujols situation have led me to wonder about the history of players to man the position and wear the Birds-On-The-Bat. Our own Bob Netherton thought this one through on his own blog as well.

Maybe we should incorporate a countdown to the self imposed deadline on this deal right here on I-70 Baseball. Joe Sports Fan and Matt Sebek, you win again.

Finally, after reading some fantasy baseball advice from a good friend, I wondered if I should take a chance on David Freese and what the chances are that he may develop into something fulfilling this year. Guess our pals over at RetroSimba beat me to that one, too.

Where does that leave us then, fair readers?

Let us go back to the first two thoughts and combine them, shall we?

There must me nothing in the world more irritating to a national sports writer who specializes in getting insider information than a negotiation going on between a team and its star player being kept completely private.

I have complained on the air about it the last few weeks but it just seems to be getting worse and further and further out of hand. Some of the top, and most respected, writers from around the nation are grasping at straws when it comes to the Pujols contract situation.

They have taken to talking to other teams in the league to see what their take on the situation might be. They claim “sources” but provide little to no new information. They report on what teammates think of the situation and the articles unveil “teammates” being one player and a newly signed free agent who has never shared a dugout with the man.

I know the internet and the advances of social networking and new media have made a major impact on the game of sports reporting. I know that there is a race amongst everyone involved to be the first one to report a story. I know that a story of this magnitude demands some level of attention.

That being said, has the internet and new media changed the game so much that we as writers no longer have to wait for concrete evidence or facts in order to report information? Has it “grown” to the point that we should report hearsay or discussions? Does that make the roundtable discussion that happens on United Cardinal Blogger Radio Hour every week (Wednesday nights, 930pm CST) suddenly national news?

It is all speculation and suspicion at best. A star player and the club he currently plays baseball for have both agreed not to take the negotiations public. For the most part, those two sides have kept to that agreement.

I am not naive enough to think that these drawn out negotiations with no news is a positive thought for the fans of this team. The longer the negotiations go on without an announcement, the more nervous everyone really should be.

I can promise you this, I-70 Baseball will be proud to bring you news of the contract, whether signed or not, when confirmed news that has not previously been reported is available. Until then, we will talk about the ups and downs and ins and outs on the radio shows and keep an informed eye on the situation, but we will not tease you with “news” that is nothing more than rehashed, second hand information.

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