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Cardinal Diamond Dairies is having our first ever giveaway! The publisher of the new Albert Pujols Biography has generously offered to give three Diamond Diaries readers each a free copy of Pujols: More Than A Game.

So, what do you have to do to be one of our three winners?

Well, we considered a number of challenging contests…

  • Costume contest: dress up in your best #5 impersonation
  • Essay: You are stuck in an elevator with Albert Pujols. Tell us about your conversation.
  • Pet pictures: does your pet look like one of the St. Louis Cardinals?
  • a raffle  (we Diamond Diaries gals could use a tropical vacation)
But in the end, we decided to go easy on you and pick three names out of a baseball cap … a Cardinals cap of course. ;)
So…. if you want to be entered in the drawing just add your name in the comments below. We will draw three winners from the names entered.  *Bonus points will be given if you include a short reason why you should be one of CDD’s first ever contest winners!
Deadline for entry: next Friday (February 4th) at 5pm.
P.S.  If you happen to be “one of those people who never wins anything,” you can order your book from amazon instead.
We’ll even make it easy…. here’s the link.
Fine print:
Winning names will be posted here on Cardinal Diamond Diaries after February 4th. Winners will be asked to provide their mailing address (via email to us here at CDD) and that information will be provided only to the publisher who will send each winner their book. 

** Bonus points will be awarded separately and although highly sought after, will not improve your chances of winning.

Good Luck, Cardinal Fans!!  =)

16 thoughts on “Win a Pujols Biography

  1. >Sign Matt Oates up, because he is the first Guy. Oh, that is not good. Sign Matt up, because he has his own opinions and may need to be prove wrong. Don't like that, sign Matt up, because he will send pics from Jupiter this Spring.

  2. >Bryan Felker here! Ive been following you lovely ladies since the beginning and Im relatively new to the cardinal scene so what better way to REALLY know the cardinals then no other from the words of one of the greats!!THANKS GALS!

  3. >TJ Van Diest here! I grew up watching the Cardinals with my dad. Besides being a phenomenal athlete, Pujols is an even better man. With his charity and off the field volunteer work, he is definitely one in a million! GO RED BIRDS!!!

  4. >Winning this book would be nice. If I won the book AP would not be making royalties off it and thereby be in desperate need of money so he'll be forced to sign with the Cardinals to ensure he'll get a paycheck.

  5. >OK, count me in. In about 20 years, I'll be writing historically (or hysterically) about the Albert Pujols era and this book will be an essential resource.

  6. >Please enter Kanna Taylor into the drawing, because I've been a die-hard fan since I was born, I love the CDD Blog (and secretly wish I was a CDD blogger), and Pujols is my hero! Plus if he leaves us (which WON'T happen… and I hate to think about it… but IF it does happen…) I want to be able to share his stories with my (unborn) children someday, and that he is truly the Musial of our time. And last reason, I promise… because it will be something to hold me over until the greatest day of the year – OPENING DAY!

  7. >Hey Ladies, I would very much like to be in the drawing. As you know I've been a Cards fan since the first baseball game I can remember. Game 5 of the '87 Series, when I was 2 years old. I just can't get enough of our boys. To have a chance to win the story of one of the greatest Cardinals ever, would be fantastic. Keep up the good work. I love reading the CDD updates.

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