Frank White Leaves Royals

Maybe that title is not completely honest. Frank White is no longer employed by the Kansas City Royals, but will continue to provide his voice to the games broadcast on the local Fox Sports affiliate.

White officially resigned his position with the front office of the Royals franchise when the two sides could not come to a mutual agreement on a salary. White’s responsibility on the broadcast team has seen significant increases over the past few years and this year would be no different.

With White’s increased workload on the broadcast side, the Royals are siting an inability to utilize him for public appearances as much as they feel they would need or want. Due to this fact, they offered a pay decrease to continue his role with the franchise.

White, according to reports, seems upbeat and holds no ill will towards the club for the recent events. He has shown an interest in developing his broadcasting career and mentioned other opportunities that may be arising.

While the two sides have been playing nice to the media and in the public eye, I have to wonder what the franchise is thinking when it comes to Frank White. One of the team’s most recognized and decorated stars, White has spent the majority of his time since the end of his playing career giving the Royals every opportunity to maximize the potential of his involvement. From manager promises broken to this latest slap in the face of a pay cut, the team just does not seem to get the value of the man that resides in their own Hall Of Fame.

Frank White deserves better than what the Royals are providing him with. Hopefully this latest string of events will afford him that opportunity.

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