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Baseball season is right around the corner and many teams started holding their annual fan festivals to everyone’s delight. The Cardinals are no different, and held their Winter Warm Up this week, while also delving into the free agent pool and ending up with news a plenty from the lips of the players and front office themselves.

While it is not the flurry of activity and news breaking stories that we will obviously see once the teams break camp and head north for the season, it is news, and in the middle of January our friends around the internet are happy to jump on it.

Winter Warm Up (which you can read about all this week here on I-70) seen two of the Diamond Diaries ladies attend, snap pictures, and convince pitchers to show them a thing or two. Read about it all over here.

The Cardinals had everyone’s attention when they announced a signing this week. However, they might have misspelled the players last name we were all looking for as Nick Punto inked a deal with the team, as Joe McBrayer covers for us here.

Bob Netherton waxes historic right here on I-70 every Wednesday, but you can find him explaining how history can sometimes repeat itself with his look at the pitching staff over at his own site.

Finally, the Godfather of the United Cardinal Bloggers breaks down a lot of the talk of the Winter Warm Up and other subjects in a long and interesting read over at C70 At The Bat.

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