Monday Morning Links: Warming Up The Winter

It has become a staple around I-70 Baseball during the off-season to drop some links and spread some of our favorite sites out to you, our loyal readers.

This week the Cardinals hosted their Winter Warm Up, Albert Pujols laid out a deadline for his deal, and some minor acquisitions were made. Let’s check the links:

One of the newer blogs in the United Cardinal Bloggers checks in with his Two Cents on the Albert Pujols situation. Read friend of the site Dathan’s post by clicking here.

She may write for us at I-70, but I discovered her when she started working on the site she calls her own (along with her partners). This week, Angela Weinhold dug into her own archives for a story so vivid, it must be a dream.

Retro Simba takes a look at one of the newest Cardinals pitchers and takes a look at how effective he may or may not be for the redbirds. Read the insightful post here.

The Cardinal Nation Blog gathered up some pictures from this weekend’s winter warm up to display some Cardinal faces out to the rest of the world. Take a look at your redbirds by clicking here.

Dennis, known as gr33nazn on Twitter, brought one of the funniest and most entertaining pieces of the off-season. If you did not catch the post over at Pitchers Hit Eighth this weekend, do yourself a favor and click here.

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