Time To Look At 2011

It is January. It is cold. The National Football League is chugging along through the playoffs. Baseball? It is right around the corner.

The National Pastime is gathering momentum, the “hot stove” is starting to simmer, and the teams are starting to take shape as we near those magical words: “Pitchers And Catchers Report”.

I-70 Baseball takes a look at the American League Central and the Royals this week. Throughout the week, expect to see in depth articles from our writers breaking down the Royals roster against each team in the Central Division. You will also find guest articles from writers of other sites, giving an in depth look at the team they write about the most. Tune in this week as we break down the American League Central here on I-70 Baseball.

Tune into I-70 Baseball Radio tonight as we welcome writers from around the AL Central to talk baseball, 2011, and the chances their team has going forward. You can catch us on Blog Talk Radio under the brand new Ivie League Productions banner. Stay tuned for new shows, websites, and New Media outlooks to be announced throughout the month.

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