I-70 Baseball Flagship For New Ivie League Productions

During the overrun period of I-70 Baseball Radio Monday, the first of many announcements for 2011 was made concerning the network of sites, broadcasts, and voices that will be featured going forward.

The first part of this announcement was the creation of Ivie League Productions, a parent company that will oversee the production of multiple sites and the various outlets that those sites will provide.

Along those lines, I-70 Baseball is being billed as the flagship enterprise of this new company, providing a solid footprint of hos things can be done successfully when providing this coverage. I-70 will continue to bring fans a one hour radio show every week, new articles about the Cardinals and Royals on a daily basis, and social media outreaches through Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. The same great coverage our fans have come to expect will continue to be present throughout 2011.

I-70 Baseball and Ivie League Productions are proud to announce the newest member of the family, Battle Of Ohio Baseball. The team of writers at Battle Of Ohio Baseball will provide daily insight into the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. The site will launch during Spring Training 2011 and will be supported by a separate, hour long radio show to be featured under the Ivie League Productions network on Blog Talk Radio. Battle Of Ohio Baseball is the latest Official Baseball Digest website set to launch.

All of us at I-70 Baseball look forward to working with the new team at Battle Of Ohio Baseball in 2011 and beyond.

You can find Battle Of Ohio Baseball on Facebook here.
You can find Battle Of Ohio Baseball on Twitter here.

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  1. It’s a good thing your last name is not “Minor” or “Little.” All kidding aside, we’re all very proud of you, Bill! Keep up the good work.

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