Kansas City Royals Monday Morning Links: December 20

The Royals sites are all a buzz as the team has traded ace pitcher Zack Greinke to the Milwaukee Brewers. Since I-70 got caught on the outside looking in for the first time this off-season, let’s round up what’s going on on the Internets out there.

When we start with the links, let’s start with our friend Jim Breen, who will join us on I-70 Baseball Radio tonight. Jim runs Milwaukee fan site Bernies Crew and broke the rumor that Greinke was headed to Milwaukee before anyone. You can read his original post here.

The guys over at Royals Authority figure that Things Just Got More Interesting as they break down the Greinke deal here.

The team of writers at Kings of Kauffman break down the trade, but they also chimed in with the “shocking” news that Greinke demanded a trade shortly after signing on with a new agent this week. Read their prelude to the storm by clicking here.

One of our standing links every week goes out to our favorite Podcast (other than our own). Give Nick a listen on his Broken Bat Single Podcast each week by clicking here.

Bob Dutton of the KC Star breaks down the deal as in depth as anyone on the Internet. Read his account of it all by clicking here.

That’s it for the links this week. Happy holidays to all or you from all of us.

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