St. Louis Cardinals Monday Morning Links: December 13

The Cardinals have decided to stir the rumor pot a little bit and make a move that everyone has been holding their breath for this off-season.

As we take a look around the Internet this week we find our favorite sites discussing Brendan Ryan, the backup catcher, the Baseball Bloggers’ Alliance and even a Christmas Carol. Enjoy some links and some material from various sources around Cardinal Nation and we will be back at it tomorrow with your history lesson from Bob Netherton.

The Cardinals traded away fan-favorite Brendan Ryan for various reasons, though the only one discussed publicly was his on field performance. While we broke down the trade right here on Sunday, so did our friends at The McBrayer Baseball Blog and Bleed Cardinal Red With Me.

Somewhat along those lines, Cardinals GM takes a look back at a time when defense was important to the Cardinals organization.

The guys over at everyone’s favorite rumor site, MLBTradeRumors, break down the Cardinals search for a backup backstop and it’s focus on creating a Molina Squared situation in St. Louis.

This past week, blogs around the Internet were asked to discuss their involvement in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Over at Misc Baseball, they interviewed founder Daniel Shoptaw about the organization.

Finally, it would not be a complete post of mine if I did not suck up to the founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the United Cardinal Bloggers. In all seriousness, Daniel put together one of the most creative pieces based on Cardinals baseball that I have read in a long time, and wrapped it up in a Christmas bow for all to see.

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