Kansas City Royals Monday Morning Links: December 13

The Royals showed activity this week, delving into the free agent pool and bringing in a few outfielders. It kicked off a lot of discussion around the internet and we are here to round up some of our favorite thoughts of the week.

The Royals were start their week bringing Jeff Francoeur back into the folds. Of course, Rany Jazayerli takes full credit for the move over at his site, Rany On The Royals.

They were not done, though, and quickly acted again, bringing in Melky Cabrera to compete with the youngsters for a job. Jeff over at Royaly Speaking quickly named this “The Most Pointless Signing Of The Moore Era”.

It would not take long for the team at Royals Authority to chime in about the signing of both of these outfielders, and Craig Brown quickly acted, discussing “The Scare Pair”.

Gage Matthews of Kings of Kauffman penned his Letter To Dayton Moore and starts off taking it easy on the oft-critisized general manager. No worries, KofK fans, he gets his shots in before he wraps up.

The guys over at Royals Review get the post of the week, as they point out that this is not a new trend with Moore. Check out the Dayton Moore Incompetence Tournament going on over there right now.

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