BBA Day 2010

The calendar turns to December 10, 2010 and I find a hand written note, “BBA Day”. Yes, today is the day that around the Internet, various blogs of various shapes and sizes have been asked to talk about their experiences with the Baseball Bloggers’ Alliance.

Photo by Erika Lynn

When I-70 Baseball became a theory of a possible website in the future early in 2010, I began to look for ways to market it and network with other writers and websites. I began to track down different sites that I found interesting. As a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers, I had no problem finding people to help with that end of the site. While I was a fan of some Royals sites, I did not know how to reach them.

Daniel Shoptaw reached out to me and introduced me to the Baseball Bloggers’ Alliance. To this day, when I need help covering a team, a guest for the radio show, a new writer, or some fresh content, I know where to go. I have met people that I consider my friends, some of my favorite writers, and some of my favorite New Media outlets just being part of that group.

If you have a blog, a website, a New Media outlet for baseball and would like to know more about the group, head over to the official website and inquire about membership. Take some time and meet the over 200 blogs representing almost every baseball team. Meet international bloggers from the other side of the world. Meet technical guys, download the iPhone app, check out the various types of websites and mingle with some of the best minds not in the mainstream media.

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