Oh No, Joe!

Joe Mather was claimed off waivers today.  
Joey Bombs is going to Atlanta. 
The sad news hit my Twitter feed around 1:30 pm.  

First reaction:  Claimed off waivers????  Who put Joe on waivers??  Why didn’t we know this?  Oh yeah….  

Ok, who ELSE is on waivers?????

*deep breath*
*Call Hubby to break the news and get some sympathy*
*Check Twitter to make sure nothing else horrible happened*  
(irrational fear setting in)

 Then, after a little time to think it through and read reactions from those less emotionally attached…
Sure Joe Mather was probably never going to get the playing time in St. Louis.  And yes, while we loved him in AAA Memphis, it is probably better for him to get a shot with the Braves.  Maybe he will get a better chance over there.  Maybe they will love him and appreciate him.  Joe deserves that.

But it still sucks.  THIS is the one thing I hate about baseball!  No loyalty – players move around and the team changes.  I get attached to the players.  I don’t want to see them go.  And being claimed off waivers??  Well, that just shows we gave up.  Not even traded.  Blech.

The way this offseason is starting off…. well, I don’t like it.  I am putting the Cardinals on notice now.  Do something to make me *happy* for a change – because this giving away of ‘my boys’ is not going to cut it. 

Yes, I will feel better tomorrow. And yes, this is “for the best.”  But right now I don’t have to like it.  

Good luck Joey Bombs! 

*Adds another stepteam to the list*

One thought on “Oh No, Joe!

  1. >This kind-of sucks! Who else is on waivers? How come we never heard about this before he was "claimed"? This whole thing reminds me of the horse on the movie "Dreamer" Good Luck Joe! I will wish good things for you in Atlanta…

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