I-70 Baseball Royals Coverage: A Letter From The Editor

If you listen to baseball insiders, you know the Kansas City Royals are very likely on the verge of something spectacular. The Royals have the best farm system in all of baseball, and more and more people are beginning to believe that Boys in Blue could soon go from worst to first.

For the past four months, I-70 Baseball has been bringing you something completely new and unique to the internet, giving fans a place to read about both the Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals. Over on the Cardinals side, I-70 Baseball founder Bill Ivie brought in a great group of established, experienced bloggers, and right away we established ourselves as a great Redbirds website. For the Royals, Bill had a bit of an uphill climb finding writers who could keep up.

Just like the Royals, though, we’ve been steadily improving. And I’m confident the group of Kansas City bloggers we have now is one of the best Royals coverage teams anywhere – on and off the Internet.

Here’s a breakdown of our team:

Adam Shupe: A former pro ballplayer, Adam provides some great insights into the game, as well as delving into the history of the team. An archive of his articles can be found here.

Aaron Stilley: During his time with I-70 Baseball, Aaron has taken on the role of new-stats guru, breaking down complicated sabermetrics concepts for even casual fans. An archive of his articles can be found here.

Todd Fertig: Todd is the newest writer on I-70 Baseball, but Bill and I are happy he’s joined us. An archive of Todd’s articles can be found here.

John Lofflin: A career journalist and a baseball fanatic, John will be writing long feature articles for I-70 Baseball about once a month. In October, he wrote a terrific feature about Frank White. An archive of his articles can be found here.

Matt Kelsey: I serve as the senior Royals writer and the content editor for the site. During the season I write the Royals Farm Report, where I break down Royals prospects and review the week in the minor leagues. (Over on the Cardinals side, Justin Hulsey writes the Farm Report.) I also write weekly news, feature and opinion articles, and I serve as Bill’s co-host on the weekly I-70 Baseball Radio show. An archive of my articles can be found here.

We’ll be adding more regular and contributing writers to the team in the near future.

I took a great deal of pride in a recent series we completed here on I-70 Baseball, a 10-day-long look back at the 1985 World Series. Everybody on the staff lent a hand, and the coverage was comprehensive and unmatched anywhere else. Look for more of this type of coverage in the future. We’ll also be doing more baseball book and movie reviews, which can be found here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to continue bringing you the best Royals and Cardinals coverage on the Web!

Matt Kelsey is a Royals writer and the content editor for I-70 Baseball. He can be reached at mattkelsey@i70baseball.com.

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