I-70 Baseball Cardinals Coverage: A Letter From The Editor

When Baseball Digest’s online entity reached out to me concerning the addition of “official affiliate” websites to be run regionally and asked if I would like to run one of the sites myself, I was excited to begin a new adventure based on my favorite sport. The obvious answer was to write about the Cardinals, as I am the Content Editor for the Cardinal coverage on our parent site, BaseballDigest.com.

The only thing that bothered me about that was the enormous amount of Cardinal based websites already out there. In an effort to bring a different experience to Internet fans everywhere, i70baseball was formed. A team of writers was brought together to bring daily content on both the Cardinals and the Royals to the web.

Over the time that we have been here, I have had the pleasure of bringing some stories from some talented writers. On the Cardinals side of coverage, we have been fortunate enough to bring you articles that focused on various aspects of the game. While we brought fans the technical side of the game, breaking down series and trades to expose what to expect and more about players that fans did not know, we also reached out into more of the game.

With all of the great coverage, including Content Editor Matt Kelsey’s project on the 25th Anniversary of the I-70 World Series, we continue to move forward into 2011 with some great coverage. Look for a few new writers to join the staff, some exciting historical articles, consistent coverage of the Cardinals franchise going throughout 2011, and some great photography from our photographer, Erika Lynn.

Our staff will continue to keep an eye on the Hot Stove and bring to you breaking stories, rumors, and analysis of the various happenings between now and Spring Training.

As an editor, and the owner of this website, it has been an honor and a pleasure to bring you the content of a very talented staff on a regular basis. As a staff, we will continue to bring you the same quality, timely and in depth coverage that we hope you have come to expect from us every day of the year.

Bill Ivie is the editor here at I-70 Baseball as well as the Assignment Editor for BaseballDigest.com.
He is the host of I-70 Radio, hosted every week on BlogTalkRadio.com.
Follow him on Twitter here.

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