Sooo glad the World Series is finally here. I am really looking forward to this one. Sorry to my friends out east, but elated we finally have a Series without the damn Yankees, the bloody Sawx and the fightin Phillies. 

I’m ready for some new blood and nothing makes me wanna scream more than when I hear the east coast whiners cryin about the upcoming low ratings. Oh paaaaallllllleeeeeease! Like no one in the great US of A wants to see a WS without the same ole same ole. 

To hear the ESPNers talk, you’d think Dallas and San Francisco were tiny little burgs in the middle of nowheresville that are still waitin for cable tee vee. I’ve met enough easterners, specifically NYers, who think the country miraculously drops off at the Hudson River. Well, too bad-so sad, cause the rest of the country is ready for this series. 

I’m a National League girl. Can’t imagine cheering for an American League team. Maybe the Royals. Maybe. I am really excited to get behind the Giants. This is a great team to root for. And by great I don’t necessarily mean talented. This is a motley band of misfits known as the Dirty Dozen. They have everything I wish the Cardinals had shown.They play as a team with joy and passion. They’re loose, positive and easy going. They persevere. They play a hard nine. They wear orange and black. Cool.

Their home is the beautiful privately financed AT&T Park, located in the world’s most lovely setting, where booming homers land out in McCovey Cove. They play in a gorgeous, zany, liberal city with great food and crazy, creative, innovative people. They choose people to sing God Bless America that wear sequins and a replica skyline on an humongous hat. One of their best selling tees says ‘Let Timmeh Smoke.’ (and they ain’t talkin bout his fastball.) 

And they have two of my all time favorite players that don’t wear the Birds on the Bat. Timmeh Lincecum, who looks like a surfer dude, loves to drop the f bomb, and pitches like the Freak he is. I love that dude. 


And then there’s closer Brian Wilson with a Mohawk 
haircut, a dyed jet-black best-ever real but fake-lookin 
beard and um..several tattoos. The guy is seriously gloriously hysterically out there and, maybe just maybe, a little insane. I love that guy. 

Oh…and of course they have a 1,000 year old rookie catcher named Buster. Posey.

You can’t make this stuff up. Gotta love this team. 

GOOOOOOO GIANTS! Win for the N.L. Win for real baseball. Yo!

All photos from MLB and San Fransisco Giants. 

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