Boredom Buster: How Well Do You Know Your St. Louis Cardinals?

It feels like FOREVER since Cardinal baseball was on my television!

I am bored, I miss the boys, and while this round of postseason baseball has been entertaining and exciting (both powerhouses, the Yankees and the Phillies, got kicked off the island,) it just isn’t the same without our beloved Cardinals.

So, you see, I had this idea back in the middle of the season, but knew I should really wait to create this post until the offseason – in order to keep busy when there was no baseball to watch.
Well, I’ve never been good at waiting….at least I made it past the ALCS and NLCS, right?
Here’s the game:  Can you correctly identify the 2010 Cardinals by their eyes alone?
(No cheating or copying off your neighbor!)
Answers will be coming in another post soon.

Okay, okay…. for those of you needing a little help, here is an alphabetized list of the players included above. =)

Chris Carpenter (2)
Ryan Franklin
David Freese
Jaime Garcia
Blake Hawksworth
Matt Holliday (2)
Jon Jay
Josh Kinney
Jason LaRue
Tony LaRussa
Kyle Lohse
Felipe Lopez
Ryan Ludwick
Aaron Miles
Trevor Miller
Yadier Molina
Jason Motte
Brad Penny
Albert Pujols
Colby Rasmus
Dennys Reyes
Brendan Ryan (2)
Skip Schumaker
Adam Wainwright

Good Luck!  

5 thoughts on “Boredom Buster: How Well Do You Know Your St. Louis Cardinals?

  1. >The list will definitely help, and I'm glad to see that La Russa is on it! There was one pic that looked like someone older and I was trying to figure out who that would be. Fun challenge!

  2. >Glad you are having fun with it! Who wants to make me one now? It isn't as much fun when you know the answers. haha! =)Oh, and Ellie, you win much-sought-after bragging rights and the title of "Super Duper Cardinal Eyeball Detective" (Suitable for resumés and Christmas Card letters!)Thanks for the comments everyone! =)

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