Operation Jack Fundraiser A Success

Last Saturday after the Cardinals game, Hot Shots in Fenton, Mo., hosted a fundraiser for Operation Jack. Skip Schumaker and Adam Wainwright came to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Budweiser donated some terrific auction items. Hot Shots gave customers discounted menu items with a donation of at least five dollars.

Operation Jack is the mission taken on by Sam Felsenfeld to race at least one marathon a week in 2010 (61 total for the year) to generate nationwide attention and fundraising efforts for Train 4 Autism, an organization that works tirelessly to raise money for Autism charities. Sam ran his 47th marathon of the year Sunday at the Lewis & Clark Marathon in St. Charles, Mo.

The turnout was not exactly what we hoped it would have been but some Cardinal fans did come out. Schumaker and Wainwright were excited to be part of the event and happy to help Operation Jack. Skip and Adam are class acts. We as Cardinal fans should be honored to have them on our team. We could not ask for better people to be part of Cardinal Nation; they fit in perfectly.

I spoke to Wainwright about his elbow. He assured me everything is okay and he will be ready when Spring Training starts. There is no need to worry, he said, which great news. He actually hurt his elbow sleeping. The way he explained how he hurt it was hilarious. His arm fell asleep, but instead of picking it up and moving it while rolling over, he flung it and pulled the muscle in the inside of the elbow. We have all done that, I am sure.

It was great to finally meet Sam and a few others I have been networking with this year. I want to thank Sam for letting me be part of the event. A special thanks to Tom Morgan of Hot Shots for helping organize the event. Look forward to a bigger, better event next year.

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