Welcome Cadence and Courtney!

We have already enjoyed Cadence’s blogs for a few weeks here, but never quite got around to the formal introductions…

So today we are getting our act together (or at least pretending to!)
We are beyond excited that Cadence and Courtney have joined our party here at CDD!  You may know them from twitter as @stl_cardsfan29 and @yadifan1327.  They are two amazing ladies, sisters, who live in the St. Louis area and are passionate about Cardinals baseball. Cadence and Courtney will add a special voice to the Diamond Diaries since they are able to attend Cardinal games and events (and stalk the players) more regularly than Angela, Jacqueline and I, the  (jealous) long-distance fans!

They have written some absolutely wonderful background stories, giving us a great look inside their love for Cardinals baseball.  The season is winding down and we might all be running a little low on the Cardinal spirit right now, but reading about Cadence and Courtney will remind you how wonderful it is to be a Cardinal fan through and through!
Great job, Gals!!
Check out Courtney’s story : “A Simple Story: The Cardinals, My Lifestyle
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you on Monday for our 2nd round of “Girl Talk!”

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