I would consider myself to be something more than just a fan of the Chiefs and the Royals. I have had season tickets to both and follow both with the same desire as well as loyalty.

The last two seasons have been rough with both the Royals and Chiefs having horrid seasons, but I still watched I still had faith. Or should I say I thought I had faith. The reason I say this is because with the baseball season winding down in Kansas City I have had the chance to go see the Royals for free but didn’t because of the price of gas and hotels, but in that same week I found myself justifying $300 tickets to see the Chiefs. I ended up not being able to go to the Chiefs game, but the fact that I was willing to spend so much to see the now 3-0 Chiefs made me take another look at my fan loyalty to the Royals.

I would still say that I am a loyal fan and lover of the K but I don’t think I can say with 100 percent honesty that I have faith in the Royals. I knew Lamar Hunt would never let losing become the norm on the red side of the Truman Sports Complex, but I don’t have the same feeling for the blue side. Kansas City as a whole needs faith and hope that this ownership group will bring back the faith that was once found in the K.

The mindset of a Royals fan has over the years slowly been changed from “let’s win” to “let’s have fun.” A game at the K is no longer about seeing the product on the field but more about just going and having fun. The Royals need to have a winning team for several seasons before this mindset will change, but they need to look to Arrowhead to help build the fan base back.

The arguments of small market this and that can not be justified when there are 80,000 fans across the street wiling to pay double face value on upper deck tickets. The city is willing and ready to fill the K, but they have to have something to cheer about. The team needs to be in the playoff hunt and the team needs to go out there and make moves.

The team has started to make changes but there is not a burning feeling that these moves are franchise-changing. The team has yet to make a move to place the future of the team on the career of any player or coach. I want one or two people who I can point to and say, “This is the future.” I want to know who our stars are going to be. I want something to put my faith in.

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