Under Construction

The last two seasons, Kauffman Stadium was under construction during the summer, producing a great place to watch a game once the project was completed. This summer in Kansas City the same kind of 24/7 construction needs to be taking place on the Royals roster. The Royals have shown some promise since Ned Yost has taken over as manager.

This rebuild began years ago and has seen a ton of work change orders and new project managers with little progress being made to the final product on the field. It seems that the team might be nearing the corner of rebuild and contender after picking up several quality pieces at the trade deadline.

The team was able to add several quality prospects as well as big league talent, non of which are costing the team a pretty penny. These additions will help to solidify the back end of the bench and rotation and also at the same time allow the team listen to trade offers for players who would have seemed untouchable before the deadline.

The biggest questions for this offseason are when will the young talent in AAA and AA be ready for big league action. The next question is how aggressive will the team be in the free agent market. Lastly what will the Royals get in return for Zack Greinke when they finally trade him this offseason.

I do not know for sure what the answers to these questions are but these are the questions that are filling my thoughts as the season ends. I am not expecting a ton out of this team next season because they will most likely be young if not rookies everywhere you look. The good thing is that a few good signings this offseason could build this into something to be dealt with in 2012.

The biggest question is who or what do you build this all around? I think Prince Fielder is the building block that a champion could be built around. Fielder is young, powerful, and a start. He would bring the team into the national spot light by just being on the field. He would also provide a big bat to the line. By trading for Fielder he would also provide great return for Greinke who seems to want out of town. A move like this would place a ton of pressure on young arms like Crow but the upside is worth risk.

In the end the Royals will most likely not go for a full blown remodel and choose to go with just a fresh paint job and a new lamp but here is hoping for a few walls getting knocked down.

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