Trade Bloom

If you did not hear the news, the Royals have traded Willie Bloomquist to the Reds for a player to be named later or cash. I am normally a fan of the Royals trading players that are in the last year of their contract. It is always good to see a Royals player who has put in his time without crying get a shot at the playoffs. I also have stated that Bloomquist should have been traded earlier in the year, but this trade is anything but pleasing in my eyes.

Bloomquist was traded after the trade deadline so he will not be able to enjoy a playoff run on the field with the Reds. Secondly the Royals are getting nothing in return basically once the dust settles. A few dollars off the books or a low level prospect is not going to change this team one little bit. So, I just kind of have to shake my head at this deal. I guess the Royals thought that they could save some cash and at the same time open a roster spot for some young talent. But if they were going to trade Bloomquist for a player to be named or cash that could have been done at either deadline so at least the man could have a chance to play in the playoffs.

This trade seems like it is a day late and a dollar short on all accounts. The only thing that could make this trade seem logical is if Bloomquist was causing a problem in clubhouse due to his lack of playing time. Earlier in the season it was rumored that he was wanting an everyday spot next season if he were to stay in Kansas City. If this was the reason for the trade then I guess it was a good move but without knowing the details behind closed doors it is hard to really make a judgement.


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