The Week People Forgot About Baseball

What a depressing week to be a baseball fan. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still going to watch the games, cheer for the boys, and hope for what is now getting to be dangerously close to mathematically impossible. But people keep talking about football… I’m not ready. I’m not ready for the season to be over. I’m not ready for baseball to be over. I’m not ready for Sportscenter to be 35 minutes of football, 10 minutes of hockey, 10 minutes of basketball and the last 5 for a quick baseball drop-in.

The Cardinals are playing the CUBS! Remember when we used to get excited about this?

No?¬†You don’t?

Well I do.

Guess what else?

Adam Wainwright is on the mound today.

Who? Hey, he’s one of our aces. He’s fighting for a chance at the Cy Young. Yeah, starting to ring a few bells in there? I hope so.

More things to watch? That Albert Pujols guy is still pretty good. He’s still leading the league in home runs, RBI, runs, and intentional walks (I didn’t even look this one up – I’m just assuming).

Did you know that Brendan Ryan is 9 for his last 20? He’s riding a 5 game hitting streak, which isn’t a lot, but it is for Brendan this year!

In minor league news…

  • AAA – Memphis starts their best of 5 PCL championship series tonight against Tacoma. In the off chance that Waino has a rough outing, I’d advise jumping over to a Memphis broadcast to see how that game is going!
  • AA – Springfield’s season ended last night against NW Arkansas in the North Division playoffs. They ended the season with a regular season record of 76 wins!
Head on over to Baseball Digest and check out the numbers on what happens by the numbers when the Cards score runs.
Game time is 7:15. Go Waino! Beat the Cubs! :)

3 thoughts on “The Week People Forgot About Baseball

  1. >I know the season is over at least in terms of the playoffs but there is still a reason to root for the Cardinals. Let's get win #20 for Adam. I don't know if he has a shot at Cy Young or not, and while that would be nice, getting #20 along with his peripheral stats would put him in an elite category among starting pitchers.Waino is Bueno!!

  2. >Maybe I'm alone in my thoughts- but cheering for stats doesn't interest me in the least. I hope the Cardinals do well and can get paid here or elsewhere… but if they don't, then that's actually better for the Cardinals. The more they lose, the better draft position they have. At this point, you might be a better Cards fan rooting against wins. At least L's help the collective whereas wins don't.I'll start watching baseball when it means something in October. Hopefully the Cardinals will watch too and maybe pick up a few things.ATH

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