Royals Sign Pat White

Pat White, the former 2nd round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins, has given up on his NFL dreams for the time being after being cut this week. White has signed a minor league deal with the Kansas City Royals. White was drafted by the Dolphins as a wildcat QB because of his athletic ability but never found the accuracy in his passes needed to succeed in the NFL.

White being signed by a baseball team is not a big shock because he was drafted in the fourth round coming out of high school in 2004 by the Angels. White was then drafted by the Reds ’08 and the Yankees ’09. The biggest shock is that White has given up on his NFL career so soon. The Royals biggest fear should not be if White can regain his form on the diamond but rather that he might get a chance to find his form on the grid iron. The Royals, however, are open to the idea of White playing both football and baseball. This is probably the reason that White picked the Royals as the team to restart his baseball career.

White was a star pitcher and outfielder in high school leading his team to two state championships. It is believed that White will play the outfield once he reports to the minors. White has the speed to be a good defensive outfielder and a solid base runner/stealer even if it turns out he can not hit a big league curve.

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